Beginning Sewing 101

This 3 hour beginner intensive class will teach you the basic functions of your sewing machine and basic machine sewing skills.

Students will learn:

  • Parts of the sewing machine and what they do
  • how to wind the bobbin and thread the machine
  • Useful sewing tools
  • Stitching and pressingseams
  • Turning corners
  • Seam finishing techniques
  • Project: drawstring bag
  • online resources available


If you have your own portable machine, please bring it with the instruction manual, accessories and an empty bobbin. Otherwise, there are machines available to use for a fee. All other supplies and tools will be provided during class.


  • Maximum 6 people $60 per student
  • Machine rental $15 per class

Click here to see current dates available and to sign up

Note:Minimum age is 15. Class fees are paid the night of the class via cash, check or charge.

Lori Wolter 2012